Welcome to the sacred repository of Yogi, Meditator, and Truth Educator Mira Uniat's transformative odyssey. Join Mira on her spiritual journey, where she explores the holy places of the world, connecting with diverse cultures and religions, all emanating from the same divine source.

Purpose of the Journey

Mira's mission is to immerse herself in the everyday lives of people globally, understanding their differences and similarities. She seeks to delve into the mechanics of her own mind, unraveling the perceptions that shape her understanding of the world. Through her exploration, Mira will share tools and methods to expand awareness and elevate consciousness.

A Diary of Everyday Life

In this digital diary, witness Mira's everyday interactions, synchronicities, and joyous adventures as she traverses the world. Each entry captures the essence of human connection, providing a glimpse into the rich tapestry of experiences that shape her journey.

Weekly Updates

Follow Mira's spiritual expedition through weekly updates on social media. Engage with her realizations and reflections as she shares insights gained from diverse cultures. Each post is an invitation to join in the exploration of unity and consciousness.

Himalayan Monastery Retreat

Experience Mira's introspective retreat as she spends 21 days in complete solitude and silence at a Himalayan monastery. This sacred period will be a profound exploration into the inner realms, offering insights that transcend words.

The Soulful Book

At the culmination of her journey, Mira will unveil a book, a compilation of journaling notes written during her travels. The goal of this book is to guide others towards freedom from suffering, to open their hearts, and to experience true love for life in unity with those around them.

Join the Global Soul Expedition

Embrace unity with Mira Uniat on this soulful journey. As she shares her experiences, tools, and reflections, let her inspire and resonate with the seeker in you. Together, let's explore the boundless depths of consciousness.


This unfamiliar feels so familiar…
It’s as if I’ve done it before,
I’ve felt it before
While jumping into the unknown.
I can no longer resist
The path that I’ve been shown.
And so I’m hitting the road,
Because you never know
How much time you’ve got.
What is the point to postpone,
If today you’re here;
Tomorrow might be not…

@ Myroslava Uniat 
January 7th 2024

The best thing that you could ever do for the world is to fall in love with your life. Only then you will be at resource to give love to others and contribute to their wellbeing.

@ Myroslava Uniat
October 9th 2023

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