Message from the Founder

I am Mira Uniat, the founder of Best Education Choice, a platform dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness. I believe the most profound education lies in discovering who you truly are and exploring all dimensions of life in a balanced way. I'd like to share the journey that led me to create this transformative space and explain my unwavering commitment to helping individuals like you evolve and blossom by finding your truth within.
In 2020, a series of life-altering events led me to experience a seismic shift in my perception of reality and a profound expansion of consciousness. It felt like a quantum leap, a perspective from the highest summit, where I could clearly see that our human minds have the incredible power to shape the reality we experience in the physical world.
This epiphany ignited a fire within me, and I recognized the need for humanity to awaken to their full potential and step into their power to manifest the lives they dream of. However, I understood that before we can manifest, we must embark on a journey of cleansing our minds and bodies from the accumulated clutter that no longer serves our higher purpose.
If you find yourself struggling to love your life and attain true happiness, it's a sign that your mind has gathered unnecessary and burdensome data. The time has come to clear the space and upload new, empowering software. This is what inner transformation is about. Renowned scientists and physicists claim that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it transforms into something else. The choice of what to create from this limited time and energy within our physical vessels rests solely with you.
Over the next four years, my path led me to profound downloads in deep meditations, introspective focus, the healing power of yoga, and globetrotting. Through this journey, I found the eternal source of love, happiness, and joy, and to my astonishment, I realized that this Source resides within me. Based on this, I developed my methodology for inner transformation, which includes all the awareness practices I perform.
I am now ready to share the tools and wisdom that are available to every human being to help them fall in love with their lives and unleash their full potential. I firmly believe that we are all born to blossom, and it is my sincerest wish and blessing for every human being to achieve the highest frequency of vibration as they navigate their human experience.
Best Education Choice is not just a platform; it is a pathway to self-realization, profound transformation, and the evolution of human consciousness. I invite you to explore the programs and guidance we offer, to embark on your journey of self-discovery, and to awaken to your full potential. Together, we can create a more conscious, harmonious, and beautiful world.
With boundless love and blessings,

Mira Uniat, 

Yogi, Meditator, Truth Educator

Founder of Best Education Choice