Welcome to "Heal Your Body" – a Transformative Introspective Coaching Session with Yogi, Meditator, and Educator, Mira Uniat!


Embark on a holistic journey of self-healing with Mira Uniat. This introspective coaching session is designed to support individuals facing health challenges by uncovering self-imposed limitations and beliefs that may be adversely impacting their bodies.

Duration: 1 Hour

Key Elements

Identification of Limiting Beliefs

Mira will guide you through exercises aimed at identifying and bringing awareness to self-imposed limitations and beliefs that may contribute to your health issues.

Mind-Body Connection Exploration

Explore the intricate relationship between the mind and body. Understand how subconscious codes absorbed since birth may influence your physical well-being and contribute to existing health patterns.

Empowerment for Self-Healing

Recognize the innate power of the mind in both causing and alleviating health challenges. Mira will provide tools and guidance to empower you in the journey of self-healing and overall well-being.

Increased Self-Awareness

Walk away from the session with heightened self-awareness, gaining insights into how thoughts and beliefs have shaped your physical self. This newfound awareness serves as a catalyst for positive transformation.

Completely Free of Charge

This "Heal Your Body" session is offered entirely free of charge as part of our commitment to making healing accessible to all. Should you feel inspired to support our mission, donations are graciously accepted. 

Important Note

While this session is a valuable addition to your overall well-being, it does not replace traditional medical treatments prescribed by your healthcare professional. Consider it a crucial complement, aiming to replace existing patterns that contributed to the ailment with new mental patterns programmed for health.

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