Welcome to a Transformative Introspective Coaching Session with Yogi, Meditator, and Educator Mira Uniat!


Experience a profound journey of self-discovery in this introspective coaching session with Mira Uniat. The primary objective is to unveil and transcend self-imposed limitations and beliefs that may be influencing the quality of your relationships, both with yourself and those around you.

Duration: 1 Hour

Key Elements

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Begin the session by delving into your subconscious to identify self-imposed limitations and beliefs. Mira will guide you through introspective exercises aimed at bringing these hidden aspects into conscious awareness.

Exploring Relationship Dynamics

Gain insights into how these subconscious codes impact the quality of your relationships. Understand patterns and dynamics that may be influencing your interactions with yourself and others.

Broadening Perception

Mira will skillfully lead you through practices designed to broaden your perception. By increasing self-awareness, you'll gain a clearer understanding of the subconscious codes absorbed since birth, enabling you to reshape and redefine your reality.

Investment: $390

This 1-hour session comes at a cost of $390, an investment in your journey towards increased self-awareness and transformed relationships. Take this opportunity to break free from the constraints of self-imposed limitations and embark on a path of profound personal growth. 

Ready to Transform Your Well-being?

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