Embark on the Sadhu Nails Practice with Mira Uniat: A 7-Day Journey to Emotional Liberation

Join Yogi, Meditator, and Educator Mira Uniat on a transformative 7-day Sadhu Nails Practice—an immersive program designed to empower you to work with unexpressed emotions and traumas buried deep within. This unique practice offers the tools to take charge of the Monkey Mind, bringing stillness to a mind that is in constant flux.

Program Highlights

Emotional Liberation

Dive deep into the power of Sadhu Nails Practice to unravel and work through unexpressed emotions and traumas. This transformative journey is your key to emotional liberation.

Monkey Mind Mastery

Through consistent practice, gain mastery over the Monkey Mind—the restless and ever-active mind. Experience the tranquility that comes with stilling the mental chatter.

Muscle Block Release

Say goodbye to muscle blocks as the Sadhu Nails Practice guides you in reconnecting with yourself. This practice helps relieve stress and replenish your energy reserves.

Program Details


7 Days

Consultation Call

Kickstart your journey with a personalized consultation call with Mira Uniat.

Daily Check-Ins

Experience daily guidance and support with text check-ins, allowing you to share your progress and experiences with Mira.


This program is offered as a gift to the community; however, if you feel inspired to give back, you can make a donation.

Ready to Transform Your Well-being?

Embrace the Sadhu Nails Practice and unlock the power within you. Let the journey commence! 🌿✨
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