For study, career and future​

We are an education agency.

We value taking an individualized approach to Canadian International Education. Our team offers educational services, relocation consultation, and career-focused mentorship. 


The agency was founded in 2017 with a mission to turn enrolment and moving to Canada into an exciting adventure, cause when I was passing all steps to pursue
a Master’s degree at the University of Alberta I struggled with a lot of difficulties…

I decided to help students because I had to do it on my own​…

Every student matters!

Our values

Depending on your educational needs we want your Canadian experience to encourage and lead you to your dreams.

According to this we offer you:


Access to a number of our programs and partnerships due to your personal goals.

Availability and Competence

Choosing the right educational institution and program is the key to your success.


A student is assisted at each stage of interaction.


Our educational consultants all exercise professionalism and kindness to ensure students are treated with respect and understanding.


Effective cooperation with educational institutions, parents, and students underlies the strategies of BEC.


We strive for constant growth and development.

Team of professionals

Founder and CEO of the Company

Sales & Marketing Manager

Education Consultant & Business Development Manager


The main thing is not to postpone