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Every word of "Texts From Within" emanates from the pure unity consciousness, recognizing the seed of unity present in every human being. Mira's writings are crafted to resonate with your soul, transcending boundaries and inviting you to connect with the universal essence that unites us all.
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Poetry that Resonates

Dive into a poetic journey that speaks to the essence of the human experience, transcending the ordinary to touch the extraordinary.

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Discover thought-provoking quotes that serve as guideposts on your path, offering wisdom and inspiration for your everyday life.

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Engage in soulful dialogues that emanate from pure unity consciousness, fostering a connection with the universal thread that binds us all.

Journaling from Within

Peek into the pages of Mira's personal reflections, inviting you to embark on your own introspective journey.

This unfamiliar feels so familiar…
It’s as if I’ve done it before,
I’ve felt it before
While jumping into the unknown.
I can no longer resist
The path that I’ve been shown.
And so I’m hitting the road,
Because you never know
How much time you’ve got.
What is the point to postpone,
If today you’re here;
Tomorrow might be not…

@ Myroslava Uniat 
January 7th 2024

When that magical day comes
And all your fears are gone,
Your heart will expand through love…
Authentic love for life.
No one will be able to stop you
From following your truth,
Which people confuse
With madness…
There’s nothing to gain or lose.
Why this sadness?
In order to play a new game,
The old one needs to end.
Life will never be the same,
Once you finally land
In the beauty of unknown…
Mystery will become your friend.
And love will show you the way.
The world won’t understand…
However, no matter what people say,
You’ll play the new game anyway…

@ Myroslava Uniat
December 20th 2023

Life is all about purifying your intention and clearing your vision from the illusion of the survival programming of human mind.

December 7th 2023

Sometimes absence is a more loving act, than presence.

@ Myroslava Uniat

Quotes from within
Teach your mind and body to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. This is the only way to experience a limitless life.
Quotes from within
Trying to be in the moment means not being in the moment.
Trying to be beautiful, means not feeling beautiful.
Trying to love means not feeling love.
Trying to live, means survival, which is a soon to be death…

Stop trying and you’ll see - all feelings you are looking for are already here and now.
What if life
was just about learning how to fly?
Walking here on earth,
But feeling like you are up in the sky?
Radiating joy and beauty,
Showing the world,
what it means to be kind.
Learning to convert fear into love
and pain into a beautiful smile.
Keep following your heart,
Because it will never lie.
You truly become wise,
When you let your soul rise
Above your minds logic.
That’s when you learn how to fly.
Stop being a copy.
Live life in your unique style,
Manifesting your original truth
Which will never die…

@ Myroslava Uniat

If you think you are too important and feel like your day to day nonsense is a big deal, - go in nature and see how small you are in comparison to the power of Mother Earth. You are a grain of sand in this vast Cosmos. Nature is constantly reminding us that we are a part of something way bigger than us. Be humble…

@ Myroslava Uniat
November 1st 2023

You won’t find truth on the news,
Believe me…
That’s why I’ll always choose
To look for the truth
Within me.

@ Myroslava Uniat
October 25th 2023


I am an eternal student of life…
I learnt, that I came here to experience the highest vibration, that this human body is capable for…

We, humans, call this highest vibration - LOVE.

In essence the deepest love can only be experienced through your ability to connect on a deep level with anything and anyone; ability to feel them and treat them as a part of yourself. This is when you are in union with the existence not in separation from it. This is the path of a true Yogi…

When that deep connection happens, ego and illusion of separation start disappearing. Boundaries of your mental self begin to melt and your mind stops producing narratives based on fear, replacing them with the narratives based on love. You feel that you are limitless … Your body becomes flexible, just like your inner self who is transforming into the shapeless flow towards the ocean of oneness…You become clear, that there are infinite possibilities and variations of reality ahead of you…

What humans call death is just a transition to the less dense reality without physical body, where manifestation through thoughts is instant as time and space cease to exist.

Just know, that there’s a reality beyond this human experience on Earth… We came here to learn to manipulate energy and manifest…Otherwise, untrained monkey mind will manifest the horror movies upon exiting the body, as it will be consumed by the frequency of fear - that’s what some religions call hell…

@ Myroslava Uniat
October 22nd 2023

The best thing that you could ever do for the world is to fall in love with your life. Only then you will be at resource to give love to others and contribute to their wellbeing.

@ Myroslava Uniat
October 9th 2023

How about if we replace all our fear of what might happen with curiosity and excitement to see what the future holds?
Why are we so attached to the idea that life is against us?
It’s time to dismantle this illusion and replace it with confidence that life happens for us rather than to us.
We are not victims of this reality, we are creators of it.

@ Myroslava Uniat
October 9th 2023


Today I see the trend that people are creating this 3D reality from fear… Heaven on Earth will come, only when we learn to create from love… Fear is a frequency of separation consciousness, when you feel like you need to protect your physical or mental boundaries, because of potential (possibly non existent) threat.

Love is a frequency of unity consciousness. When you become aware that boundaries are an illusion of human mind, you will effortlessly build boundaries to enjoy the process of creation. Creation in 3D world cannot exist without boundaries. The most important thing is to remember that those boundaries are temporary. They will melt just like the boundaries of and ice cube melting in water. Hence why there’s no attachment or fear to lose anything… We came with nothing and we’ll go back to the other side with nothing. It all comes down to how much you enjoyed the ride and how much love and beauty you experienced on your journey…

@ Myroslava Uniat
October 9th 2023

I have so much love to give
To those, who are ready to receive…
I travel the world to see their smiles,
When I just show up as a surprise.
Completely unexpected…They had no idea…
For them it seems almost surreal,
But for me distance doesn’t exist,
When there’s so much love,
Which I can’t resist…
I always follow that feeling,
Because feelings are more real,
Than the illusion of time and space…
You will never be lost in the maze,
If heart becomes your compass…

@ Myroslava Uniat
September 30th 2023

I found my true power, when I realized that no one can hurt me, except my own mind…That’s when I started diving within to clean my lens of perception… That’s when I started falling in love with every moment of my life…

@ Myroslava Uniat
September 28th 2023

If I see you as a part of me, I will treat you the way I treat myself. That means my interactions with you are always based on oneness, which is called intelligent love. This is exactly what I mean by unity consciousness. It allows us to turn our life stories into love stories. This is when present moment goes into the mind’s archives as a beautiful unforgettable memory…

@ Myroslava Uniat

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