Welcome to the Soulful Yoga Session with Yogi & Meditator, Mira Uniat!

Session Overview:

Duration: 30 Minutes
First 15 Minutes: Unveiling the True Essence of Yoga Join Mira as she unravels the profound benefits and inherent value of Yoga, taking you beyond the physical postures. Discover the various types of Yoga and understand how it extends far beyond being a mere workout. Dive into the spiritual practice that Yoga truly is, a journey of union with existence.

Key Points

Explore the deeper meaning of Yoga as a spiritual practice.

Understand the diverse types of Yoga and their unique benefits.

Embrace the concept of Yoga as a union with existence, practicing non-resistance and full acceptance on all levels of life – physical, mental, and emotional.

Next 15 Minutes: Guided Practice of Basic Yoga Asanas Immerse yourself in a transformative experience as Mira guides you through 15 minutes of practicing basic Yoga asanas. These postures are not just exercises; they are gateways to achieving a state of union with existence, fostering non-resistance and complete acceptance.

Rediscovering Yoga's True Essence

In today's fast-paced world, Yoga is often misconstrued as a workout, limiting its true potential and benefits. Mira Uniat is here to guide you in realizing the all-encompassing nature of Yoga. This session is an invitation to redefine your practice, unlocking the wonders it can do for your mind, body, and soul.

Free of Charge - Donate if Inspired

This soulful session is offered free of charge, embracing our belief in making the transformative power of Yoga accessible to all. If you feel inspired and wish to support our mission, you can make a donation using the link below. Embrace the mind, nurture the body, and uplift the soul. Namaste.

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