Welcome to "The Art of Dating" Program with Mira Uniat!

Embark on a transformative journey to discover the profound connection between self-awareness and meaningful relationships. In a world where mobile dating apps offer millions of profiles, it's crucial to navigate the dating landscape guided by your heart.

Program Highlights

Heart-Centered Dating

Explore the importance of self-awareness in the dating process. Mira Uniat, Yogi Meditator, and Educator, will guide you in building deep connections by listening to your heart amidst the vast sea of profiles.

Self-Exploration for Lasting Love

Learn to identify your blind spots and areas where self-acceptance and self-love may be lacking. Understand how cultivating self-awareness attracts partners with a similar level of consciousness.

4-Week Coaching Journey

The program spans 4 weeks, featuring weekly 1-hour coaching sessions with Mira. Uncover hidden unconscious patterns that might be holding you back from experiencing true and authentic love.

Personalized Guidance via Text

Navigate your dating journey with Mira's support. Benefit from her guidance via text to help you through communication with potential partners, ensuring that your journey is led by your heart.

Program Details


4 weeks


1-hour coaching sessions

Text Support

Guidance available throughout the program

Invest in Your Love Story

The cost of the program is USD 1,900—an investment in self-discovery and the pursuit of genuine connections.

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