Yogi's Heaven with Mira Uniat

Experience the transformative power of immersing yourself in the energy field of Yogi, Meditator, and Educator Mira Uniat with our exclusive Yogi's Heaven program. Located in the beautiful surroundings of Vancouver, BC, this unique program offers participants a chance to live the life of a modern yogi, embracing all parts of human existence with complete awareness and no resistance.
Location: Vancouver, BC
Minimum Stay: 3 nights
Cost: USD 350 per night
Eligibility Requirement: Participants must complete a week-long meditation course to be eligible for this program.

Program Highlights

Fully Immersive Experience

Spend a minimum of 3 days staying with Mira Uniat, following all the awareness practices she performs.

Daily Schedule

Engage in a holistic routine that includes yoga, meditation, sadhu nails practice, introspective coaching, walks in nature, and exploration.

Conscious Socializing

Enjoy socializing and going out for dinners at local restaurants, bringing a conscious approach to every action.

Holistic Living

Taste a life of heightened awareness, embracing all aspects of human existence without resistance.

What's Included

This program provides a rare opportunity to deeply connect with your authentic self and experience profound personal growth under the guidance of Mira Uniat.
Pick up and drop off at the airport
Transportation during the trip
Groceries to cook meals as per Mira's diet


It is important to step out of your usual environment for a few days to become conscious of your patterns and return to your family radiating pure love. Highly recommended Yogi’s Heaven Program. Mira customized for me, l got more than l ever thought l could.

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