Eternally Fantastic: A Journey of Awakening and Connection

Yogi, Meditator, and Truth Educator Mira Uniat is a special guest on the podcast Eternally Fantastic, hosted by Lily Boiko. Inspired by Mira's eternally fantastic state of being, Lily has been receiving coaching from Mira for over a year. Mira has guided Lily through the challenges of divorce, the difficult emotions caused by the war in Ukraine, and her immigration to the US. Lily, a brilliant student of life, has fully embraced Mira's wisdom, leading her to a profound spiritual awakening. Now, she is inspired to share this light with all who are ready to blossom into their full potential.
About Eternally Fantastic
Eternally Fantastic is not just a podcast; it's a sanctuary for stories that illuminate the art of falling in love with life. Founded by Mira Uniat and Lily Boiko, this platform blossomed from the seeds of genuine friendship and shared experiences.
Our Origin Story
What began as intimate conversations between Mira and Lily during a transformative period in Lily's life—navigating through a divorce—evolved into a shared vision. Eternally Fantastic was born from the belief that life's beauty unfolds when we learn to love it deeply and authentically.
Why "Eternally Fantastic"?
Life, with all its twists and turns, is eternally fantastic when we learn to appreciate and love every moment. Whether it's finding joy in the small victories, navigating challenges, or redefining our perceptions, this podcast celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary.

What We Offer

Inspiring Stories

Join us for heart-to-heart conversations and narratives that inspire, uplift, and guide you toward a more fulfilling life.

Broadening Horizons

Explore the boundless possibilities of self-perception and witness the magic that happens when you embrace life with open arms.

Community and Connection

Connect with a community that understands the highs and lows of the human experience, fostering a sense of belonging and shared growth.

Guided Conversations

Mira and Lily bring their unique perspectives, wisdom, and humor to every discussion, creating an atmosphere where authenticity and vulnerability thrive.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, and boundless possibilities. Subscribe to Eternally Fantastic, share your stories, and let's create a tapestry of experiences that remind us all that life, in its entirety, is eternally fantastic.

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Mira's Upcoming Book

In addition, Mira is currently writing a book titled "Eternally Fantastic". This book tells the story of her awakening and shares the tools she used for her inner transformation. She reveals her journey towards becoming a modern Yogi who embraces all aspects of human existence with heightened awareness and expanded consciousness. Stay tuned for announcements on the publishing date to order your copy here. In the meantime, feel free to check out the podcast.