Inner Transformation for Children

Welcome to the World of Inner Exploration & Transformation!
Yogi, Meditator, and Educator Mira Uniat creates individualized programs for children of all ages to help them explore their inner world, fostering emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and resilience. By enhancing focus, creativity, and compassion, the program supports better social skills, self-confidence, and healthy habits.
This program emphasizes a connection with nature and learning the mechanics of the body, mind, and consciousness through various awareness practices such as introspective conversations, yoga, time outdoors, journaling, and meditation. These activities lead to improved relationships and overall well-being, helping children navigate life's challenges with a positive outlook.
Some sessions will also involve parents, allowing the whole family to embark on the journey of self-awareness together. Upon completion, children will be qualified to try out the simplified version of Yogi’s Heaven program, which is a fully immersive experience of staying with Mira for a few days.
Duration: 21 days
Daily Time Commitment: minimum 15 minutes
Location: Virtual or in-person
This Program is designed to assist with the below challenges:
  • Conscious Career Choice*
  • Screen Time Management
  • Academic Pressure
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Social Skills
  • Nutrition and Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Parent-Child Communication
  • Discipline
  • Bullying
  • Time Management
  • Self-Esteem
  • Peer Pressure
  • Family Dynamics
  • Exposure to Negative Influences

*Additional Assistance for Conscious Career Choice for children from outside of Canada:
If needed, we offer additional assistance with enrollment in educational institutions or visa applications for an extra fee of USD 750. Our team will guide you through the administrative processes, ensuring a smooth transition into the chosen path.


This 21-day Inner Exploration Program comes at a cost of $1,700, an investment in nurturing the holistic growth of your child and fostering a harmonious family environment. Click below to book your first complementary session.
If you can’t afford the mentioned amount, consider joining the BEC Ambassador Program to contribute to our mission with your unique skills and talents.

Ready to Empower Your Child?

Equip your child with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges with emotional intelligence and resilience. Discover the benefits of self-awareness and emotional growth with Mira Uniat's guidance.