Inner Transformation Program for Schools

Welcome to the World of Inner Exploration & Transformation!
Yogi, Meditator, and Educator Mira Uniat creates customized programs for schools (Grades 1-12) to incorporate inner world exploration into the education system. Awareness practices like guided meditation, journaling, introspective conversations, yoga, and time in nature are essential for fostering the balanced development of students.
This customized program will help students understand and manage their emotions, leading to improved emotional regulation and empathy towards others. Mira employs techniques to help students recognize their strengths, weaknesses, and unique qualities, enhancing their ability to concentrate and improve academic performance.
The goal of the program is to help students experience a deeper sense of awareness. It fosters better communication and interpersonal skills, helping students build and maintain healthy relationships. The program also stimulates creative thinking and innovative problem-solving abilities. Awareness practices build resilience, equipping students with the skills to handle setbacks and challenges effectively.
By integrating these practices into the curriculum for all grades, we support the holistic development of students, addressing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This creates a nurturing environment that prepares them for a balanced and fulfilling life throughout their educational journey and beyond. Teachers can be trained to perform these practices independently, allowing them to continue applying these methods in the education process after the completion of the program.
Duration: 1 semester
Daily Time Commitment: to be determined, based on the analysis discussion with the school.
Location: Virtual or in-person
Investment: The cost will vary based on the number of students participating and the number of hours per week dedicated to the program.

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