Why is it a good idea to continue studies at colleges and universities across Canada?

Canada is considered one of the best countries to learn and work, based on the quality of education and the employment rate for post-secondary graduates. Canada attracts international students due to its hospitable attitude to foreigners, safety, respect for human rights and environment, rapid economic growth and  last but not least its system of education. Every year more than 130,000 international students choose to pursue their education in Canada. Degrees from Canadian colleges and universities are recognized worldwide and give students a competitive advantage in the labour market. According to the EduCanada website (the official Government of Canada website for study in Canada information), 90% of graduates get a job offer within 6 months after graduation. It also states that 93% of employers are satisfied with the quality of education of their employees.

The educational system of Canada is one of the most innovative and efficient in the world. Degrees from Canadian colleges and universities are respected and valued.

Post-Secondary Education means that students can continue their studies either at college or university. The difference between these two institutions is that college graduates get more practical skills and knowledge that allows them to find employment quickly. University is more suitable for people who want to have a career in academics and scientific research and for those who want to get a Master’s degree or even a PhD.

Benefits of a Canadian education:

  1. High quality of education
  2. Start of studying English when you arrive in Canada
  3. Universally recognized diploma
  4. You can get a part-time job while studying and a full-time one after graduation
  5. Having been fully employed for a year – you have the right t change your status to a permanent resident of Canada with all its benefits
  6. The labour market is not overwhelmed, in contrast with other countries
  7. Respectful treatment and traditional Canadian helpfulness and openness
  8. Social guarantees and security
  9. Environmentally friendly policies
  10. Canada is ranked as one of the best countries concerning the quality of life
  11. We can act as your guide and will be glad to help you with the college or university application and relocation!

Post-Secondary Education offers the following programs:

Certificate Program (1-2 years) and Diploma Program (2-3 years). These programs give you an opportunity to master an occupation by acquiring necessary practical skills and knowledge, and start a job. The programs are available at both colleges and universities.

Bachelor Degree (3-4 years). Canadian colleges and universities allow their students to get Bachelor Degree within three years. As a rule, theses degrees are more practically oriented. They are available at both colleges and universities.

Master Degree  (2-3 years). Typically, people require a master’s degree to continue a career in an academic field or before their PhD programs.

Co-op Programs:  allow you to apply for a paid internship or work while studying. These programs give you a taste of what it is really like to live and work in Canada even before you graduate.

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