Exchange Program

Best Education Choice Exchange Program

Best Education Choice can help you to get to Canada on an exchange program. Exchange programs allow students to be fully immersed in the Canadian culture through work, school, extra curricular activities, trips and more.

International exchange program can be available for other countries than Ukraine and Canada.

Partner Schools – Canada

Network of Palliser Regional Schools (Alberta, Canada) consists of more than 15 state and 10 independent schools in Alberta province with over 8100 students. Palliser offers a wide range of programs for students from young age to grade 12.

Palliser School helps their students to achieve success by applying an individualized approach, helps students to develop communication and critical thinking skills and encourages student’s talents.

The school is named after John Palliser, an explorer who led a British expedition to West Canada territories in 1857-1861.


  • A visit to Canada – one month
  • Canadians’ visit – two weeks

Number of participants – 5+ students and 1-2 teachers


The fact that students attend classes with local children makes the immersion complete: the students are able to improve English and work according to school curriculum together with native speakers. Teachers will have an opportunity to observe the way their Canadian colleagues work and share their ideas concerning the educational process.                          


Homestay – the participants of the program will stay with Canadian families that are partnered

with  school. Meals and leisure activities are included. Safety and comfortable living conditions for children and teachers are guaranteed.

Leisure Activities

After classes and on the weekends the participants will enjoy exciting leisure activities such as excursions and trips organized by the school and host family.

If your school is interested in a long-term collaboration; if your school is willing to do educational projects together with Canadian partners and provide accommodation, organize leisure activities and welcome Canadian participants to your country, do not hesitate to contact us.

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