Become a student in Canada

Best  Education Choice offers a full immersion program that gives students an opportunity to experience school, social and cultural life in Canada.

Students can study Canadian curriculum along with their peers while staying with a local family. 

Students’ accompanying can participate in an exchange program with their Canadian colleagues; get to know educational system, methods, techniques and approaches that are popular in one of the most developed countries of the world. Canada is one of the leaders in integrated education and practical application of knowledge. If students and teachers would like to have a closer look at the Canadian experience, we would love to organize a trip for you!

Partner schools are Palliser Regional Schools (Alberta, Canada) and Progressive Academy (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).

Middle School Program «Try being a student in Canada» includes tuition, accommodation, meals, visa, plane tickets, transfer, and leisure activities for children and teachers.

Price – single payment of $6600 CAD per student (all included)

Group  – more than five students + 1-2 chaperones

Minimal language level – intermediate or higher

Duration (recommended) – one month or more

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