Post-Graduation Work Permit

To work in Canada after graduation, you must apply for a work permit within 90 days after you finished your program. This work experience can help you qualify for permanent residence.

Who can apply for a post-graduation work permit?

  • Must be 18 years of age or older when you apply
  • Must have continuously studied full-time in Canada in a study program at least eight months long
  • Must have a document from your school (transcript, official letter, certificate, etc.) that confirms you completed and passed all your program requirements
  • Must have graduated from a public post-secondary school, such as a college, trade/technical school or university
  • Must apply for a work permit within 90 days of when it was confirmed that you completed your program and have a valid study permit when you apply for the work permit.

You aren’t eligible to apply for a PGWP if you:

  • Studied in a program that was less than eight months long
  • Studied for more than eight months but not continuously (for example, you took a semester off)
  • Took part in a Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC)
  • Took part in a Government of Canada Awards Program funded by GAC
  • Had funding from GAC
  • Took part in the Equal Opportunity Scholarship, Canada-Chile
  • Took part in the Canada-China Scholars Exchanges Program
  • Took part in the Organization of American States Fellowships Program
  • Completed a study program by distance learning either from abroad or from within Canada or
  • Already had a post-graduation work permit following any other program of study.

How long is a post-graduation work permit valid?

How long the post-graduation work permit is valid for depends on the length of your study program. If your program was:

  • Less than eight months – You aren’t eligible for a PGWP
  • More than eight months but less than two years – Your PGWP may be valid for up to the same length as your study program (for example, if you studied for nine months, a work permit may be issued for up to nine months)
  • Two years or more – A PGWP may be issued for three years
  • More than one program – A PGWP may be valid for up to three years, for example, if you finished a diploma or degree from an eligible school in Canada, and within the next two years you get a one-year graduate degree or diploma from an eligible school in Canada

For more information please visit Canada Immigration website – :

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