How much does Best Education Choice charge for its services? *

When applying for language courses and programs, we sign a Service Agreement. The cost of our services is 550 USD. The price of services includes the administrative fee of the educational institution.

What is included in the tuition fee?

— Help in choosing the best study program / educational institution
— Support in the filing process
— Submission of documents on behalf of the Client
— Payment of the administrative fee on behalf of the Client
— Communication with the educational institution on behalf of the Client and control of the status of the application
— Help and support at all stages of interaction until the moment of student enrollment
— Recommendation and establishment of cooperation of the Client with a licensed immigration consultant who can assist in visa processing
— Assistance in the process of refunding tuition fees in case of visa refusal


Does BEC help students to get a Canadian visa?

BEC is an educational agency. We have no license from an immigration agency and do not provide visa support on our own. To ensure that our students receive qualified professional assistance, we cooperate with licensed immigration consultants with the appropriate competence.

What is the best way to immigrate to Canada?

Today, education is one of the fastest, most promising and most reliable ways to immigrate to Canada. A Canadian diploma entitles you to an open work permit and a work visa after your studies. Already within 12 months of working in Canada after graduating from college or university, you have the opportunity to apply for permanent resident status.

Which program should I choose?

We can offer you hundreds of programs, but the main thing here is to know what you want. The perfect option would be to submit documents for the speciality that interests you. We will then create an offer appropriate to your educational level and location.

The duration of the program must be at least one academic year for you to have the right to obtain a work permit upon successful completion of your studies.

Please note that healthcare and medicine programs are the most difficult to apply. There are major requirements for them. In addition, there is usually a need for an additional year of study.

I am not sure about my English level. Should I apply?

Yes, we offer several ways to increase your level. You should be ready to work intensively on English during the admission period.

You have nothing to worry about. Feel free to submit documents.


What is the currency in Canada? What is CAD?

Please note that USD is US dollars, and CAD is Canadian dollars.


What is the average tuition fee for education in Canada?

The average cost of education in Canadian colleges is 18,000 CAD / year.

When can I start the enrolment process?

You can enrol in ESL courses throughout the year. Programs at colleges and universities usually start three times a year: in September, January, and May.

I am over 35 and married. Can I apply for a student visa?


There are no age restrictions when applying for a student visa.

— If you are married, your partner can also request an open work visa.

— A husband and wife can stay together regardless of which of them has a work visa.

— If you have children, they can get a visitor visa.

However, no one can fully guarantee that you will receive a visa.


When should I pay for my program?

At the time of enrolment, you must pay an administrative fee of CAD 100-200 and the first program fee.

If you plan to attend English courses, the first payment also takes place at this stage.


How to stay in Canada after graduation and getting a degree?

You will be able to apply for Canadian permanent resident status through study if you meet the following conditions:

— Complete a program lasting at least one academic year.
— Get a job and work for 12 months full-time in a speciality.

Your spouse and children are also eligible to apply with you.


How much money do I need to study in Canada?

We can't tell you all the prices for all the programs. But these are average indicators, as close as possible to reality.

At least CAD 6,000 for ESL (if you do not have an IELTS / TOEFL exam).

CAD 18,700 — College or University Program.

Approximately CAD 15,000 for living expenses until you find additional work during your studies.

1000 USD for a visa.

About 1000 USD for the flight.

The total budget will be approximately 40,000 USD.


Is it possible to work while I study?

You can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during academic study, and full-time during the summer and winter vacations.

You cannot work while taking ESL courses.


What are the options of international students’ accommodation in Canada?

Option 1. Students can live in families with which colleges cooperate. The average cost of living is 1,200 CAD/month. This amount includes accommodation and three meals a day.

Option 2. Students can live on campus (CAD 1,000/month without meals).

Option 3. You can rent a room yourself (from 500 CAD/month).


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