Do you want to study in Canada, but don’t know where to start, how to organize the process and how to find the information you need to proceed? We are here to help you figure it out!

If you currently have a post-secondary degree, certification or diploma, or you are in the process of studying, you can apply to attend a Canadian college or university.

Even if you’re not fluent in English, you can enroll at college or university of your choice.

Where to begin?
First, you should decide on your choice of an educational institution, program and start date.
Best Education Choice consultants will help you to choose the program in accordance with your goals and priorities.
Most programs in Canada start in September, January and May. Language courses are organized every month throughout the year.
Please, contact us to make the best choice for you!


What documents are required?
    1. A copy of the passport
    2. A copy of a secondary school certificate or a diploma of higher education with the transcript academic record of, subjects, courses and number of academic hours.
    3. A copy of the English language exam result (IELTS / TOEFL) if you do not intend to attend ESL courses at a Canadian college.
All the documents would need to be translated into English, and the translation would need to be notarized.
The basic package of documents required obtaining a visa
Please note that this is a standard basic package of documents required to obtain a visa. A full list of visa documents is negotiated individually during the consultation with an immigration consultant.


Enrolment process and payment procedure
    1. Fill in the application on the website
    2. Submit the documents and sign the Service Agreement with Best Education Choice, and transfer the Payment for the Services regarding the terms of this agreement ($520 USD)
    3. Best Education Choice managers select the program and submit documents to the chosen educational institution.
    4. We are obtaining a Conditional Letter of Acceptance — a document that proves previuos enrollment in the program. The student will be finally enrolled after paying the first tuition and English courses.
    5. Letter of Acceptance (LOA) — official letter of enrollment. You are applying for a visa.

Best Education Choice is an educational agency. We do not have an immigration license and do not provide visa support on our own. In order to assist our students to receive qualified professional assistance, we cooperate with a licensed immigration consultant who will be able to help you apply for a visa.

We strongly recommend using the help of an experienced professional while applying for a visa. This is an extremely important and, in some cases, not easy process which should be entrusted to a licensed consultant with extensive experience. An immigration consultant will provide you with the information on the required documents and apply for a visa on your behalf following all the requirements of Canadian immigration law. In the event of a refusal after the first submission of your visa application, the consultant will thoroughly analyze the reasons for the refusal, make sure they are eliminated and resubmit your application.

Your education is important