Hello, friends!

I’m excited to introduce you to Best Education Choice. At Best Education Choice, we value taking an individualized approach with Canadian International Education. Our team offers educational services, relocation consultation and career-focused mentorship, where our professional team is always ready to assist you in making the best education and career choice.

Education in Canada is our main focus.  We want to share with you our knowledge and experience of living and working in this country. With us you’ll get to know what opportunities are available to you.

My story

I came to Canada from Ukraine in 2011 to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Alberta.

Trying to decide on a university and what program to take was difficult at first. Also, navigating through all the steps of applying for my program and getting the visa were complicated obligations. Filling in application forms, writing the scientific essay on my Master’s degree topic, preparing for the English exam built up a lot of anxiety and frustration.

Difficulties with the enrolment and relocation process got me thinking, “It would have been great if someone had helped me out and guided me through the whole process from beginning to the end.”

As a result, I started Best Education Choice in August 2017, to help facilitate the next generation of students to study and work in Canada.

Our mission is to turn the enrolment process and moving to Canada into a pleasant and exciting adventure.  

Now, living in this beautiful country for many years, I am absolutely sure that I made the right decision.

Dream, act and be brave. We are here to help your dreams come true!

Myroslava Uniat