Let’s take a closer look at why Canada would be the right country to study in.

  • Would you like to get a high-quality education abroad but have a tight budget ?

The cost of education is often one of the biggest concerns. Many students choose Canada not only because of  the quality of life which is among the highest in the world, but also because tuition fees here are lower compared to those in other first world countries.

  • Do you want to get globally recognized education with unlimited innovative and research opportunities?

Canada has very high academic standards and demanding quality controls. One of the key components of  Canadian post-secondary education is research. Local government and industry support research and development in various fields. That’s the reason why Canadian qualifications are recognized all over the world. A degree, diploma or even a certificate from a Canadian college or university will open doors to the global community for you and help to build the career of your dreams.

  • Would you like to live in the safe multicultural society, where everybody feels like home ?

From the first day that you arrive in Canada you will feel how welcoming and friendly Canadians are. No matter which religion, culture or nationality you are, people will respect your beliefs and traditions. Because there are so many ethnic groups and communities here, you will both be able to maintain your own culture and learn about other ones. Being an international student you will have the same freedoms that Canadians have: a stable and peaceful society as well as respect for human rights. According to United Nations, Canada has been recognized as one of the best places in the world to live in

  • Would you like to have fun while studying ?

Except for classes, exams and all other school activities, you can also have an interesting leisure life! The campuses in Canada have Olympic-quality sport facilities, art galleries and concert halls. You can participate in different events arranged by student organizations. Besides that, there a lot of cool spots where you can travel to: from mountains to the ocean, from the arctic lands of the North West Territories to British Columbia beaches. With local climate, you can do pretty much any type of outdoors activity throughout the year: skiing, hiking, golfing, camping and many more.

  • Possibility of Immigration

International students who graduated from a designated learning institution and whose program was a minimum of one year in length can apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. This document will allow them to get valuable Canadian work experience which enables them to qualify for permanent residency. For more information about the possibility of immigrating to Canada, please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.