• How much does BEC charge for their services?

         BEC does NOT charge for their services. We help students for free.


  • What are the best ways the immigrate to Canada?

Today it is really hard to find an employer in Canada who can hire foreign workers. However, you can always come to Canada as a student, graduate and then apply for a post-graduation work permit which will allow you to work in Canada and get required Canadian work experience that will help you to be eligible to apply for permanent resident status after 12 months of full time work.


  • Does BEC help students with visa applications?

BEC is an educational agency and does NOT help students with their visa applications. However, we partner with licensed immigrations consultants, who will be able to help you.


  • What program to choose?

There are over 200 programs that we can offer you. Ideally it would make more sense if you apply for the qualification that it is somehow related to what you are currently doing or to your last degree. This way you will also have more chances of getting a visa. The length of the program should be at minimum one academic year to be eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit once studies are completed. Please note that programs related to healthcare and medical studies are hard to get into. There are very strict requirements and it usually takes an extra year to complete preparatory courses.


  • I don’t speak English, can I apply?

Absolutely! We offer ESL courses. If you successfully complete those, there is no need for the IELTS/TOEFL exam. The cost depends on how many levels you are required to take (minimum 2 levels with the length of 3 months for C$ 6,000).


  • What is the average cost of education in Canada?

The average cost of education at Canadian colleges is approximately C$14,000 per year.


  • When can I start my studies?

You can be accepted to ESL courses all year around. College programs usually start in September, January and May.


  • I am over 35 years old and married, will I be able to apply for visa?

Anybody can apply for a student visa. There are no age restrictions. However, if you are older than 35, it will be harder to explain to the immigration officer why you need Canadian education.  He would have doubts that your main purpose of the trip is to study. If you are married, your spouse can apply for an open work permit. If you have children, they would get visitor visas. No one can guarantee that you will get your visa.


  • When am I required to pay for my program and will I get my money back if my visa is rejected?

If you take ESL courses you have to pay a C$200 registration fee, the full amount for the ESL plus a deposit of C$2300 for the first semester of your program. If your visa has been rejected, you will get a full refund minus the C$200 administration fee.


  • How to stay in Canada after graduation?

To apply for a post-graduation work permit, you have to complete a program one academic year in length at minimum. Then, you have to work full time for twelve months before you can apply for a Permanent Recidency card. Your spouse and children can also be included with your application.


  • How much money do I need to have to apply to study in Canada?

The estimates would be as follows:

ESL (if you cannot pass IELTS/TOEFL): C$6,000

College program: C$7,000 per semester

Living Expenses: C$10,000

Approximate budget C$23,000


  • Can I work during my studies, what is the minimum wage in Canada?

You are not allowed to work while taking ESL courses, however once you transfer to a college program you can work up to a maximum of 20 hrs per week during academic semesters and full-time during summer and winter breaks.

Minimum wage in Canada is roughly C$11 per hour.


  • What are the accommodation options for students and what is the cost?

Option 1: Students can live with families that have been approved by the colleges. Estimate cost is C$1,200 per month. This includes accomodation and three meals per day.

Option 2: Students can live on campus. Estimate cost is C$1,000 per month. Does not include meals.

Option 3. Rent a room on your own. Estimate cost is C$500 per month.